CYN stands for CREATE YOUR NATURAL, which is one of China‘s underwear brands with a history of 30 years.

NATURAL had the original meaning of "universe". It was said that the universe was as round as an egg. In China, Pangu created the world and sacrificed himself to make mountains and rivers. In India, there is also a similar myth of the original self-sacrifice. Human beings-is the universe, and the ancient Asian intelligence makes us know the mystery that the human body is connected with the universe; and modern scientists have also proved that the constituent elements of the human body are no different from nature. Underwear, as the last shield of human beings, protects our fragile bodies, also opens up the universe's full energy every day and helps us overthrow all bad emotions, which is the energy converter connecting the universe and human beings. 

1983ASIA took inspiration from the world view of the ancient eastern where the sky is round, and the earth is square. Starting from the unique creativity of the brand, it combined with the word "C" to design recognizable brand symbols. Mysterious black, silver with full sense of future, and red with vitality are infused with exclusive font and icon design composed of dots, like stars in the vast universe, shining and shining. The universe family with the "universe egg" as its core has a soft and tough universe, deducing all kinds of incredible life forms and transmitting the brand's small universe full of creativity!