20°C is the temperature at which a flowerbud can blossom; 180°C is the temperature at which the delicious smell of cookies at an oven can permeate in the air; 37 °C is the temperature of tears falling down your face; 38 °C is the temperature you feel at your lover's palm—the temperature of love. 

38°C KISS is the critical point to heat love up. 

As early as the Han Dynasty, Chinese had already expressed love through kissing, which is also frequently seen among western lovers. Kissing is a ceremony of love, while lip makeup is a ceremony of kissing.Under this theme, 1983ASIA incorporates the elements of lover flowers in Chinese culture, including peach blossom, peony, gardenia and acacia in its watercolor creation with the wet-on-wet technique, presenting a natural and fresh atmosphere. The slightly sweet color system can touch people's heart with a silent power. It abandons the grand and luxurious external form of traditional weddings, and fuses the traditional culture with the modern life after repackaging  it. Unlike gorgeous roses, Chinese love flowers including peach blossom, peony, gardenia and acacia are more implicit. Pick up red beans scattered to express your lovesickness, and enhance your charm with red lip makeup. Stay romantically with your lover forever. 

"The bright peach blossom reminds us of the youth and beauty of the bride". The peach blossom is also the most beautiful flower that stands for people's pursuit for love. Many poets have described the peony in their poems. Its charming petals and elegant fragrance are both a symbol of love. The gardenia as pure and gentle as water is just like the beloved one that never loses young innocence and always brings warmth. For love, the ideal status may be sharing happiness and overcoming hardships together. As its name, the Acacia growing in summer accurately expresses the status of love, i.e, generating as gorgeous as a summer flower and ending as elegant as a butterfly.