FENG HE is an independent research and development of high-end new Chinese home brand, which mainly use copper, wood, stone as the material. It's products include lamps / crafts / small furniture, etc. 1983ASIA will use the traditional Chinese theory 'the wonders of natural beauty are boundless, lofty attitude as cloudy heart and crane eye' to interpretate FENG HE. 'Wind' is abstract phenomenon of air flow. It needs to be functioned on an object while performance. In Chinese culture, 'wind' also embodies the Chinese people's wisdom and elegant, such as book of songs' wind,elegant and praise, etc. 'Crane' is a figurative animal, crane enjoy a high position in eastern culture paticularly.  Especially red-crowned crane, it's a symbol of longevity, good luck and elegance. And  red-crowned crane used to be linked with the immortals, also known as 'immortal crane'. 1983ASIA combined abstract and figurative representation technique of expression, designed a morbidezza and windy cursive font. We also re-paint the dance with wind image of 'auspicious crane', which learns from the antient paintings. This design has formed an unspeakablely oriental charm. In order to put art and culture into the brand, we make bold attempt to interpret the traditional Chines theory 'there are pictures in the book, there is a book in the picture', and combined some simple and neat modern text design together. With the heart of the world to do the thing, to set the beauty of the world to add endless beauty.Let's digging into this charmy cultural , let it reappear at present.