Colorlife me belongs to a sub brand under the famous children furniture brand Colorlife in China and it is a furniture brand aiming to care and create the physiological and psychological demand suitable for the rapid growth of children based on the core idea of rational utilization of space. 1983ASIA regards "color" as the core symbol and uses interesting visual movement linking the parent brand and sub brand; at the same time it points out the innovative concept of “small household amusement universe”. The design is directly related to the theme with all its elements coming from nature, e.g. flowers, grass, bird, cloud, etc. and all of them show the brand’s focus on the life ideal of healthy and sound growth of children which is just like a happy breeze. Each child is a small star sending out colorful energy. Shuttling back and forth in this colorful universe, they are naive and energetic, full of curiosity and imagination, with limitless possibilities.