There is an eidolon with magic strength behind everything in nature. KIDDD advocates the idea of green, natural and healthy teaching. Centered on the core idea of “there is an eidolon behind everything”, the brand is designed in shape on the basis of  "mountain" that produces everything and refines the cyan from nature symbolizing the flourishing vitality to imply “the pupils surpass the master”. In this way, we have formed our exclusive and distinctive vision symbol. The combination of the adorable role design and a rich story-related visual system implies that every ingenious child is an adorable eidolon. They have their own pluses and minuses but with unlimited potential. In addition to the enlightenment in skill, they need to learn how to get along with others and nature in the course of studying and learn to respect and cherish others and nature as a virtue so as to transmit the value of our brand with “love” as the core.