MOCOMO is a maternal and infant brand from Britain. By keeping the brand’s core concept “secure, warm and fun”,1983ASIA uses the satisfying “bear’s palm” image as the design prototype, to convey the core idea of the “warmth of the palm”, uses lavender purple’s imperturbability and softness to boost the sense of sweetness, elegance and playfulness of this brand, and makes them collide with each other harmoniously. Eventually, to form a unique to the brand and the most recognizable visual symbol.

The childlike role setting and the abundant story-type visual design, give the brand so much colorful characters: sometimes sweet, sometimes cool, sometimes naughty, sometimes cute. In this children’s amusement fairyland created by MOCOMO, 1983ASIA hopes children to grow up in the company of MOCOMO, not only knowing how to live in harmony with the world and love life, but also knowing how to feel and send warmth and kindness in the world, since delivering “warmth and reassurance” is the value MOCOMO always try to insist.

All the animals in the world are soothing with their palms, which is the best medium to transmit the warmth. May all the children be gentle with the warm palm.