The company of friends and family in one's childhood is the most wonderful memory in life. The joyful family is the source of happiness; the imprint of times is the story connecting the feelings of people.

The frozen desserts named as BAO BAO aims at being a brand to accompany the happy and healthy growth of family by providing healthy, delicious and convenient foods for busy modern families, and meanwhile passing on the special care to the next generation.In 1983, ASIA designed a fun and loving mascot family to create a unique brand vision system for its brand core products such as steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, sweet rice ball, etc. through integrating the figure of the cute animals such as penguins, polar bears and sea lions in frigid zone. Each mascot was designed with its own characteristics, hobbies and shortcomings. While they play together with occasional quarrels, they will always find a way to get along well, respect and love each other in the end, just like a family. It is the value that the brand wants to express, with "love" as its core.

Happy hugs, healthy BAO BAO.