Assimilation of globalization is only external virtual image. The inherent entity has always been ingrained.

‘Fortune Cat’ is a story about Feng Shui which happened in 1983 ASIA. This artistic creation was originally driven by personal preferences, the creation of the blood and childhood memories. Finally, it evolved into a sensitive issue of faith and which make us have bigger doubt. We hope to record it, trace it and find it. Thus, we prefer to believe them, not be trusted its no.  Does a person really be no restrictions of any kind of things? Is everyone's heart really having nothing to fear? What are the most terrible things in their mind?  This is an unfinished design experiments. 

Portuguese, the local spoken sentence which is difficult to use logic to explain, is the exchange topic of culture poster design with Portugal design team Epiforma.

We tried to catch the first cognition of this sentence and looking for creative theme from daily life. Also make this moment feelings enrich to a false surreal space. We tried to break the flood of history and build a primitive connection.