08 X 13 GAFA

The 08 X13 retrospective exhibition, one of the events for the hundredth anniversary of the founding of GAFA, was hold by graduates who has graduated from the graphic design major for 5 years. The main objective is to dialogue between themselves and the colleges, teachers and students, society, crossing time and space, industry, throughout the exhibition and sharing sessions.1983, the host of this exhibition was also the overall planner, the designer and the key speaker. “TIME” as the key concept in the 08X13 exhibition has been rolled out to all advertising, the display, and the related products. Besides different kinds of creative products, photographs and diaries were shown in the exhibition at the same time. The very touching moment of the event must be the moment when every graduate rocked in their own style sharing their personal growing thing during five years after they graduated from GAFA.Five-year is the blossoming moment for a person, the very moment to look backward and look forward, Let’s share the golden time!