Gemfavor Food is a food brand which is mainly engaged in operation of traditional food and brings it to modern life through the development concept of “new traditional” food. Over the years, Gemfavor Food has been considerate of customers and makes every moon cake with the spirit of craftsmanship. This is the persistence for food quality. Mr. Zhang Xiaogang persists in “lotus” creation starting from lotus in eyes, lotus in mind to lotus in hands. The lotus in the painting shows diverse facets and moods and reflects his different mindsets and growths. This is the first attempt for Gemfavor Food to settle in an artist’s mindset. For 1983ASIA, “ingenuity” vs “ingenuity” means that two persistent minds appreciate each other. Like a mirror, each has its own part for reflection. Like the lotus-moon shadow inverted in the water, one reflects with the other in soul across time and space. Everything is linked among reflections. “Lotus paste” is made with brand quality. “Food material” is granted with another “life”. The vital products will provide consumers with wonderful enjoyment and blessing. The feedback of consumers will make the brand prosper and live long. A reflection relationship exists among artist, brand and consumers. Therefore, we put forward the concept of “everything under reflection and living long”. This is the beginning of all designs. Based on this, 1983ASIA has created a “scene” as follows: Beautiful lotus is blossoming in the tranquil water. Under the reflection of bright moonlight, time and space alternate with each other. Lotus has found the other half of its spirit to make the life complete.