Zhanjiang, abundant in seafood, formerly known as Guangzhou Bay, is located in Leizhou Peninsula and is the southernmost city in mainland China except Hainan island. Xuwen Sandun ancient port was the starting port of the “Maritime Silk Road” in Han dynasty, which occupied an important geographical position in history. Besides the Influence by the colonial culture of France, there also inhabited multi-cultural ethnic groups (ancient Yue culture, Li Lao culture, southern Fujian culture and central plains culture). Therefore, under the integration of many cultural systems, a unique local culture was born. These integration is reflected in their spiritual beliefs (such as dragon head fish, stone-carved dog, and the southern sent of lion dance), living habits and art culture (especially the architectural design). 

As a typical local brand in Zhenjiang, TSAN KIANG HOTEL is a four-star business hotel integrating tourism, catering and entertainment. Through the site investigating, photographic recording, sketching, character interviewing and reading a lot of books and written materials, 1983ASIA took a deep exploration of local culture and integrated it with the project’s characteristics, to evolve the elaborative spirit of the brand, the noble and elegant temperament, and the unique southern amorous feelings. Therefore, the integrated brand vision system has been extended to all levels, and the cultural story about Zhanjiang could be slowly told to the present.