The Zhuang minority culture has a legend that human are born from flowers, and today they still worship the goddess named Menogga(also known as ‘Huapo’). 

1983ASIA team conducted cultural research into ‘Menogga’.In the study, we discovered that the Zhuang minority worships heaven, earth, and animals such as frogs, birds and fish totems based on their farming society. The matrilineal society is inherited and expanded into their culture and art. It also retains the aesthetic feelings of many matriarchal societies and extends the aesthetic characteristics of women’s aesthetics.Flowers are the container that fosters cultural emotions and good life among the various ethnic group in Guangxi province.Similarly, many other civilizations worship flowers. 

Therefore, 1983ASIA proposed the creative concept of “everything is born from flowers ” based on flower symbolization as flower can combine different civilizations and cultures. This concept explains the Zhuang natural connotations of the female spirit, fraternity and tolerance, and the endless life cycle.We injected this concept into the brand and explained it in a deeper and more meaningful way.It represents multi-integration of the Zhuang culture. 

The brand name "Menogga" is developed from these.Making "Menogga" become a promoter of Guangxi province aesthetics culture is our design goal!