Nong studio starts from Mr. Nong Bangmin’s personal art works, gathered worldwide artists to create and communicate together through the art form of woodfired ceramics. All the different industry categories from the studio include art museum and home stay facility etc. established in the same atmosphere,Nong studio starts from Mr. Nong Bangmin’s personal art works, make the art of woodfired ceramics become the bond to connect life and art. This is a platform that can make everyone understand the charm of woodfired ceramics, and will continue to flourish.

All rivers run into sea because of its capacity, the container of life is not shaped. Ceramic is the art of life, with water giving its life, earth giving its resource, fire as the medium, golden and wood strong its shape. It has the essence of the traditional Chinese five elements, make it elegant and popular. The art of woodfired ceramic express the aesthetics of life to the work.

I think, therefore I am. The aesthetics of life is feeling the passing of time, the form of life changes as different life period, just like samsara. From soil to utensils, entering the process of woodfired ceramic - the soil evolved into different form with the blue smelting fire, the floating ash gave the pottery a ;natural glaze, and the craftsmen left his finger prints on it. Nobody expected the actual color and shape before we see it, because this is not an industrial product, but a birth of life.

The container does not need to be shaped, let the blue smelting fire embellishes the beauty of life. The shape of this ceramic will change with the time fleeting. Life is not static, and that’s the beauty of life, always and forever.

2019   China,Guangxi