Gemflavor Food is an enterprise with a long history in Zhanjiang City. With the strategic development of the brand in the national market, the brand image is upgraded correspondingly.

The outlook of five colors is the representative of the concept of Chinese colors. They have gradually evolved from everything in nature, dyeing, weaving and craftsmanship to the colors we see today. Red represents fire in the five elements, originating from blood and sun and implying“creation”. “Fire Red”, a new brand color of Gemflavor Food managed by the father and the son, represents“passing down from generation to generation” and reflects the dedication for the products and the hope for the future.

Gemflavor Food tells the story about “affection”. Brand label is based on the artistic calligraphy of the Republic of China and symbolizes the solid foundation of the enterprise. In the heavy label, calligraphy is written with lines in an overlapped manner. It not only condenses the affections of two generations but also reflects the possibilities that the brand develops with the changes of the times. Then, the unique self-value is found from the market.

Chinese aesthetics is inseparable from “homophonic meaning”, which is a kind of romance conveyed by introverted orientals. Taking“sharing happiness together” for example, the ancients used the patterns of “Chinese parasol” and “magpie” to express good wishes for their families. They used“the white-headed for richness”, “Chinese pulsatilla” and “peony” as love congratulations. They used“longevity”, “cat” and “butterfly” to express their wishes to the elderly. In the vision, the pattern of “the cabinet” is used to divide the picture, and the perception of “affection”from the brand owner is cleverly transformed into texts. Combining such elements as “heart-shaped” chops, paper-cuttings and stamps, it generates a unique, sustainable and visual form of Gemflavor Food. Like a letter from home, people have their affections filled between the lines, getting slowly across mountains and rivers, witnessing time passage and experiencing the beauty from“slowness” and the joy from waiting.

Spread out the letter paper, let time pass by, write down the extraordinary with a pen and inherit it for a hundred years.