This is the first time for Ipoh, Malaysia to hold “placemaking festival” which aims to revitalize local city, connect people and industry, and combine traditional industry and city market together. The festival is going to create a sustainable ecosystem and benefits everyone through a circular economic system. There are lots of activities in the festival includes: 1. Festival that includes curated exhibitions, bazaar, interactive games, talks and workshops. 2. Two farm-to-Table feast. 3. Three industries collaboration: Agriculture, Ceramics and Culinary.

1983ASIA is inspired by the Malay food ketupat, and collect aesthetic ideas from the traditional weaving crafts “mengkuang”; the three colors symbolized three major ethnic groups of Malaysia - Malay, Chinese and Indian. They weaving each other to form the character “P” repressing the “Placemaking festival”, which means unity and solidarity, and design four languages include English into a family system. Malaysia is a beautiful country which has multicultural mix, bright and cheerful color and slowly lifestyle, we are trying to convey the unique Malaysia placemaking festival to the world.