“You’ve got the God of Cookery” is a slang of Cantonese, which means someone is a lucky gourmet with a great feast. The brand's noble ambition is to bring the essence of Guangdong cuisines to each diner, to make friends by sharing delicacies and to create a brand-new lifestyle entitled with food culture of Guangdong Province.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “An all-seeing eye is always watching you.” The oriental astrology reads that the God of Cookery is one of the terminologies in Chinese numerology, which is packed with clothing, food, luck, and longevity. The God of Cookery, just like Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise — the four Chinese spirits in history, was derived from mortals’ worship towards the god of constellations. Embraced with mild disposition, exquisite behavior and elegant spirit, the God of Cookery, as a lucky gourmet, is good at cooking and is optimistic on the way of chasing happiness and joviality in life. Leisurely and self-sufficiently, it enjoys every second. In a word, after seeing all ways of the globe, it goes back to the secular origin with a hidden heart, naturally and maturely.

1983ASIA hopes that visual experience of the brand can demonstrate characteristics of Guangdong cuisines systematically, which can help to research and classify the Guangdong culture logically. As you may know, the name of Guangdong, or simply “Yue” for short, was evolved from the East Lingnan Road and East Guangnan Road. Since the Qin Dynasty, Guangdong has attracted immigrants from the central plains areas, whose cultural background is profound, so it is viewed as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Besides, thanks to its location at the shipping hub in the South China Sea, Guangdong has become the earliest birthplace of the Silk Road at sea. Through oceans, it communicates and exchanges thoughts with the globe. Gradually, it has integrated into the formation of three major ethnic groups — Guangfu, Hakkas, and Chaoshan, becoming a unique cultural system of Lingnan. We would like to incorporate these contents into the brand design, creating a jubilant and lively visual system. In addition, the brand is also lucky to invite Mr. Tsai Lan, one of the four talents in Hong Kong, to serve as food supervisor, which can be said to complement each other and highlight the charm of food culture.

With a grateful heart of the food and the universe and a fine tradition of the national culture, we are waiting for you sincerely, exchanging great cuisines of Guangdong with your friendly appreciation.