“The origin of Taoism is of nihility, so it can contain all things. Nature is in harmony with Taoism, so there is something but nothing, real but virtual. ”

The supreme character is like water which nourishes everything and does not chase fame and fortune. It is blended in the ordinary world. Taoism is based on nihility, reflecting the origin and destination of everything. People cannot step into the same river twice. “Nothing” breaks the bondage of time, returning to the beauty of the original and the true and looking dim and affectionate. The secular world is like a pool of muddy water, and it will be turbid with vying. Lotus is called in Taoism as “being not tainted in turbidity”. It is a pure flower that can be seen by our eyes. Its purity lies not in the outside but the inside.

Calligraphy is the treasure of Chinese culture and the bright pearl of civilization. “Ground calligraphy” takes fresh water as ink and marble board as rice paper and turns into water mist as the sun shines. It disappears from nothing to something, and it does not work fruitlessly. It returns to the true after encountering the earth’s temperature and hearing the call of the burning sun. “DOOR” adopts the philosophical thought of Taoism and modern design language and is presented with visualized “ground calligraphy”. Horizontal turns into nothing, one stroke to the left and another to the right turn into nihility, and nihility is displayed as a whole. As an aesthetics-based life brand, it conveys the beauty of life changes. Where there is a cause in life, there must be an effect. Enjoy life and “DOOR”.

Wait for all things to return to the true. The world blossoms pure flowers, releasing the beauty of diversity.