Kaiwuchengwu is an innovative enterprise with Chinese medicine research as its core. By adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese materia medica and combining with the cutting-edge technology of European plants, it explores the internationalization of Chinese materia medica.

In the eastern world, "Qi" is the origin or noumenon of the universe. Qi is divided into Yin-Yang Qi or Qi of the five elements. The interaction of the rising and falling of Yin and Yang, the combination of Yin and Yang, and the five elements of Qi have produced all things in the universe and promoted their development and change. In the western world, however, "atom" is the origin of all things in the world, and countless atoms are always moving in all directions in the void, impacting each other and forming a vortex, resulting in various colorful real worlds. "Qi" can be said to be the smallest and most mobile substance; "Atomism" means that all qi is made of tiny solids, and it can also be described as a comparison between China and the West.


1983ASIA takes this as the breakthrough point of design, draws a fantastic and mysterious oriental universe through unique aesthetic language, and mixes the scientific elements such as the sun (three-legged black), the moon (rabbit), the essence (deer), the spirit (turtle), the god (crane), mountains, rivers, pines, clouds, etc. to convey the core competitiveness of the brand. Starting from the land of China, advocating the way of nature and collecting the wisdom of things; Make things work, and provide a healthy lifestyle for modern people.




年份|2020  地點|中国,深圳