Master Copper is a professional copper decoration brand with high quality and high cost performance, which takes “copper” as the core element and is based on the aesthetic strategy of suiting both refined and popular tastes and created with internet thinking.

Since its establishment in 2013, Master Copper has taken “kylin” as the brand symbol and become popular among people. For brand image upgrading this time, 1983ASIA has conducted a wide and in-depth study from the perspectives of cultural research, the origin of “kylin” in Chinese culture, the characteristics formed in the development of different dynasties, the current image of kylin, its influence on Asia and even the world and colorful meanings. This has greatly enriched the brand connotation.

Kylin, also known as unicorn, is a mythical beast in ancient Chinese myths and legends. It is the offspring of rahi. Its ancestor is a dragon with wings. It is often confused with dragon and horse. In ancient China, kylin was used to symbolize auspiciousness. The male beast was a kirin, while the female beast was a unicorn. It is said that it could live for two thousand years. With a mild temperament, it had the weapons that can attack enemies, but it did not hurt people and animals or trample on insects, flowers and grasses. Therefore, it is called as a benevolent beast.

Traditional stories need to be told in modern language. “Never stop the steps, never forget the original aspiration”. The new kirin symbol is designed into a single angle shape and makes a forward buckjump and looks back. It not only has a far-reaching meaning but also a unique memory. Apart from simplifying the “kylin” symbol from the perspective of applications, 1983ASIA has proposed the concept of “fortunate kylin and happiness sharing with copper”, carried out “main visual design” from three blessing themes of “good health and longevity”, “keeping auspicious” and “a galaxy of talents” and built an extensible brand image. It has redefined the brand color of Master Copper, adopting the red color implying the East as a main color, the copper color symbolizing etiquette and the black representing innovation and assisting the new image. 




傳統的故事需要用現代的語言去述說。「步履不停,初心不忘」,全新的麒麟符號設計成獨角形態,並做向前騰躍,舉頭回望之勢,不僅寓意深遠,且具有獨特記憶性。除了從應用的角度對麒麟符號進行簡化外,1983ASIA 提出「幸運麒麟,幸福銅享」的概念,分別從「健康長壽」、「萬事吉祥」、「人才濟濟」三個祝福性主題進行「主視覺設計」,建立具延展性的品牌形象。並重新定義了銅師傅的品牌色,以寓意東方的紅色為主色調,象徵禮節的銅色和代表創新黑色同時輔佐全新的品牌形象。

2021 中国 杭州