Rud is a new Chinese ice cream brand. Its products are made in Ukraine, and its quality is certified by the European Union. It takes family sharing as its brand positioning and diversity, interestingness and sharing as its brand value. Except being launched online, the brand hopes to create “a third space” implementing Rud’s concept in the future and share the endless fun brought by ice cream with the public!

The customer groups of Rud are from the public, so the brand logo uses bold characters which can be easily identified and remembered, and the slightly flat font makes people generate an intimate feeling. The simplified processing of the “Di” character is not only the highlight of logo design but also an important memory point. The English sub-logo “Park” is superimposed on the Chinese character logo with a small stamp, and the logo design implements the relaxation and interestingness of the brand. 

Greenbelts, blue sky and blossoming flowers are available…People rest, date and entertain here. Park may be the earliest third space for human beings. “Rud Park” is used as the third space to represent Rud’s concept-diversity, interestingness and sharing. Rud is relaxing and interesting, so the design style is expressed with relaxing strokes, bright colors, irregular and interesting overprinting techniques. Taking family sharing as its brand positioning, Rud has its designers launched the strategy of brand spokesperson family, which is helpful to improve brand closeness and better communicate with target consumers. The designers have selected five things about Park and refined them into the brand spokesperson family: Xiao Di combined with pet dogs and clouds, Little Smoothness combined with slide and tongue, Sparkling combined with Christmas tree and starry sky, Apple Cheeks combined with apples and muscles (fitness) and Flowers combined with flowers and elfins. Together, they have built the spokesman family of Rud Park. In addition, the designers have extracted some elements about Park and Ukrainian embroidery as auxiliary patterns and formed different story scenes through matching changes, which can generate different design images and bring interesting and colorful extensibility to the brand.




2021  中国,廣州