Zen Zitan (Rosewood) Guan is a high-end Chinese style household product brand incorporating exhibition, education and product sales with the purpose of protecting the historical legacy, carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture and showcasing the artistic charm of rosewood in an all-around way at a high level. Rosewood, which won’t grow mature until after one hundred years, is highly valued by people because of its rarity and scarcity because of its gold-like timber. 1983ASIA holds that everything under the sun has its spirit, so the tree becomes surprising art works after going through numerous processes of elaborate carving. Its second life thus obtained enters your life, witnessing your coloful life in silence like an old friend, a confidant or the company of family members.....In line with these ideas, 1983ASIA has absorbed the “five-colored auspicious cloud” and “Ru Yi” (as one wishes) representing people’s warm blessings and aspiration in the common elements of traditional Chinese household articles; and “things as good as water” representing traditional Chinese philosophy and “Qi” existing in everything which Chinese people revere in their hearts. We have gathered these sources of inspiration and made new analysis and study on them before designing in an attempt to create a rare but new meaning, giving these art works new soul and life. Considering the future development of the brand and different types of products and art works, we differentiate brand images in terms of material and color, and maybe this is all that a designer can do to maximize the value of a brand.   "Zen" means rare, genuine and good thing. This is also designer’s self-pursuit!